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Akai Jounetsu

In our family home in Italy near Rimini, we breed FCI recognized Shiba Inus since 2009. The dogs live with us in our house with garden. In order for our dogs to give birth to puppies that are as healthy as possible, we subject our dogs to a health screening. This ensures that they are free of genetic defects. Because we want to concentrate completely on each of our litters, we plan them with the necessary caution at irregular intervals. A loving raising and imprinting for the development of as good a character as possible is a matter of course for us. We provide future owners with in-depth information and are, of course, also on hand to support them afterwards.

Akai Jounetsu
Akai Jounetsu

About us

My name is Isabelle Marti. I’m Swiss, a German native speaker, and I’ve been living in Italy since 1990. I was born in a small village in Switzerland, and I spent my early years in a house in front of my granparents’ farm. Since I was a child I’ve had the privilege of growing up among animals, and I used to help my family in the countryside.

But I was particularly attracted by the magic of raising puppies, and I always took the chance of following the birth moments of calves.

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Akai Jounetsu


Akai Jounetsu
Akai Jounetsu
Akai Jounetsu
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From mid July 2022
Puppies available

Our puppies were born on May 11, 2022 and can be delivered from mid-July 2022.

Visits can take place exclusively with appointment. Contact me for that.